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Welcome to the Texas Orthopaedic Administrators Association or T-BONES

T-Bones is an organization that was started in June of 1992 by a group of Orthopaedic Administrators in Texas. The original goals of the organization were to

  • Develop a network in Texas for administrators who primarily deal with Orthopaedics
  • Disseminate information through formal meetings as well as informal communications dealing with subjects of interest
  • Provide input to State and other agencies regarding issues relevant to our practices and patients.

In addition to the advances in Medicine, there have been significant changes in healthcare rules, regulations and reimbursements since 1992. Practices and its Administrators across the country are juggling their focus on a variety of areas — from contract negotiations with payers to streamlining your accounts receivable processes to finding ways to bring in new patients while being compliant with all the regulations. This is where we believe T-BONES is an essential partner to your practice.

What is T-Bones for:

  • Provide a forum for the advancement of the field of Orthopaedic practice management in the State of Texas.
  • Serve as a professional society allowing interaction and interchange by and among Orthopaedic practice executives and their staff members, enabling the exchange of ideas.
  • Achieve the highest standards of Orthopaedic Practice Management through education of the community.
  • Meet on a periodic basis to support and recognize the image and role of Orthopaedic practice managers.
  • Network with fellow orthopedic executives from all over Texas and learn about the latest information in the industry.
  • Work with state and national orthopedic associations to shape regulations and legislative issues effecting physician’s practices.

This year’s hot topics include healthcare reform, ICD-10, sequestration, worker’s compensation, in-office ancillary services, ASC’s, DME, legal liabilities, risk management, physical therapy programs, EMR implementation, meaningful use and many other important issues.

We feel that there are many organizations that you can join, but the T-BONES is the only organization which focusses entirely on issues relevant to orthopaedic administrators in the State of Texas. We urge you to join us, fill out the survey form and attend our meetings. Together we are Texas strong.

Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Yours sincerely
Derek Lund
T-BONES President

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